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Khan's Grill offers only premium oils designed to enhance the natural flavor of our food.


Our authentic Asian sauces provide a wide range of wonderful flavors to suite everyone's taste. It is recommended that sauces be combined, as opposed to selected individually, in order to provide the right balance of flavor and spice. Ask one of our expert chiefs for a recommended combination.


We offer a variety of quality dry seasoning to allow our customers to enhance their meals. Take care not to over season so as not to make your plate too salty or too spicy!


Master the Art of Khan's Grill. Read more about our Seasonings!


Canola Oil
Light, Compliments flavor.

Sesame Oil
The Delicious Taste of Roasted Sesame Seeds.

Olive Oil
Adds a Wonderful "Old World Charm" with only 120 Calories.

What Can We Say, Everything Tastes Better With a little Butter!

Non-Stick Spray
As an alternative to traditional oils,
non-stick spray contains 0 grams of trans fats.


flame Mongolian Dragon*
A secret brown sauce of our own design which delivers a beefy full-bodied flavor!

flame Spicy Dragon
Comprised of our secret blend of four unique sauces.
The perfect kick to any plate!

Sweet, fruity, a perfect complement to any plate.

flameflame Chili Garlic
A careful blend of sun ripened chilies and garlic that offers a delicious kick to any plate!

Soy Sauce
A classic Asian sauce that perfectly complements both vegetables and meats.

An English style sauce that enhances the flavors of meats.

Adds just the right touch of citrus to any dish.

Sweet Soy
A Sweeter, Thicker Version of the Classic Soy Sauce. A Perfect Glazing Sauce.

Honey Mustard
Combines the sweetness of honey with the tanginess of the best mustard seeds.

Sweet & Sour
A classic Asian sauce whose name says it all!

A dark and rich glazing sauce full of complex flavors that are sweet and biting!

*Contains MSG


flameflame Red Pepper
Flaming Hot!

flameflame Cayenne Pepper
Main ingredient in Tabasco Sauce.

Caribbean Jerk
Great on Beef & Seafood. (Straight from Jamaica M'on)

flame Red Thai Curry
A blend of red peppers, ginger, tomatoes, coconut, infused with classic lemongrass and a hint of spicy chili peppers. Great with chicken, seafood and vegetables.

flame Cajun
Fantastic on Chicken, Fish & Shrimp.
(Old Louisiana Sauce)

flameflame Curry
A fiery blend of spices used to flavor
Indian & Southeast Asian dishes.

Adds a spiced flair to all dishes.
A classic Asian seasoning.

Ground sweet red peppers.
Mild in flavor, enhances all dishes.

Fajita Seasoning*
A staple of Tex-Mex cuisine, adds a South Texas flare to classic Asian flavors creating a wonderful fusion of cultures and flavors!

Herbs & Extras

Good on Pork & Shrimp. (For an Italian flare)

Most chefs use it on Chicken.

Italian Mix
Adds a Mediterranean flair!

For a sweet, nutty flavor.

Sesame Seed
For Authentic oriental flare.

Basic Spices

You decide, but too much will make you sneeze.

Lemon Pepper
Excellent on Chicken & Fish.

Seasoned Salt
Best on Chicken, but tastes great on everything.

Recommended on all dishes.
(Too much may ruin your date)

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