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Around 1160 in the province of Mongolia, a boy was born named Temujin. When he was about nine, his father was poisoned by the Tatars (a rival clan). Then his family lost their land and belongings and live in extreme poverty. However, when the young boy was entered his manhood, he united various Mongolian villages to fight and defeat the Tatars. In, 1206 he accepted the name Genghis Khan which means "universal ruler". Driven by revenge he slaughtered every male Tatar.

Although known for his brutal military conquests, Genghis Khan also promoted literacy among his people and established the Yasa, the first Mongol Code of Laws. He was also able to unite various clans and villages from Mongolia and conquered much of Asia. To Mongolians, Genghis Khan was like George Washington!

According to legend, after a long day of battle, Khan's mighty army would sit around a campfire to celebrate their success. The Mongols would prepare slices of meats and vegetables by slicing them with their razor sharp swords. They would then cook their food by rotating it with their swords or wooden sticks on their overturned shields that were hearted by a blazing fire. It was also rumored that if Genghis was not pleased with his dinner he would behead the cook.

Today here at Khan's Grill, we are proud to continue the Mongolian tradition but don't worry since you prepare your own combinations no one will behead you!